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Farm Gleaning with The Nashville Food Project at The Giving Garden


Gleaning is a centuries old term which refers to the gathering of grain or produce left behind in a field after harvest. Instead of picking their fields clean, farmers would leave behind a portion for travelers and those in need. The concept of gleaning has made a comeback in the modern day, now having more to do with the prevention of food waste.
The Nashville Food Project’s farm gleaning program serves to bring in fresh, locally grown produce to be utilized in our organization’s 3000+ healthy meals shared weekly within the Nashville community. These farm visits also provide an opportunity to connect with local growers in and around the Nashville area in an attempt to help support our local foodshed.
The Giving Garden is a farm located on the campus of Franklin First United Methodist Church in Franklin, TN. The abundance grown in this garden is donated to local organizations and families who are in need of high quality produce and herbs.

While on the farm you will have the chance to get your hands (and clothes) dirty, so dress for the occasion! Gleaning at the Giving Garden entails both harvesting produce as well as helping out with any other needed farm tasks. You’ll need to be able to comfortably lift and move at least 20 pounds as well as harvest produce from the fields and load them into our truck.

Sack lunches will be provided by TNFP. Transportation to farm not provided.

In addition to responding in Get Connected, please complete your volunteer registration through The Nashville Food Projects's Hands On Nashville site by clicking here.

Begins Duration Open Spots Respond
Aug 24, 2017 @ 9:00am 2.50 hours 10 of 10 Respond Individually
Sep 21, 2017 @ 9:00am 2.50 hours 10 of 10 Respond Individually


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