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Who We Are

Founded in 1996, Renewal House provides long-term comprehensive addiction treatment and recovery programs for women and their children. We address the unique needs and specific issues that trigger and affect a woman’s addiction. We believe that when you treat and heal the whole person, you restore a life that can leave a positive lasting legacy. • 75% of women in Renewal Houses’ Family Residential Program identified opiods as their drug of choice. • This past year, 13 babies were born without the effects of withdrawal, also known as neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS). • 89% of the women attending Renewal House with an open case through the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services had their case closed because of improved parenting and stability while abstaining from drug use.

What We Do

Family Residential Treatment – Renewal Houses’ traditional program features a structured residential program where women and their children live in independent apartments. Intensive Outpatient Program – Added in 2007, the licensed program provides group therapy and educational sessions focused on the root causes of a women’s addiction. Meals and transportation are provided. Recovery Housing – low-cost recovery housing for women and their children. Recover Together – a partnership with Vanderbilt University Medical Center provides patient assessments, individual counseling, family support and outpatient treatment groups. Through Renewal House programs, clients benefit from many services including: • Individual Therapy • Group Therapy • Parenting Skills • Relapse Prevention • Wellness Recovery • Spirituality • Vocational Support • Transportation


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